Web QA Tools for Smarter Testing

Reduce repetitive typing tasks with Dash

Dash is a free OSX app that allows you to save text snippets and input them anywhere using custom keywords.

For example, if you have to enter a console command 20 times a day, you can save this command as a snippet in Dash, and title it `my_command. If you want to change a variable in this command each time, you can signify a manual entry point by using “__” on either side of the variable:

Dash snippet

When you run the snippet by typing `my_command in the console, a box will pop up showing the full snippet being entered, with a prompt to enter your variable (in this case, the last name value) manually:

Entering a dash snippet with variable

Dash works within ANY application on OSX, I highly recommend it to reduce typing and speed up those repetetive tasks.

Download Dash

Set up a light-weight web server for realistic javascript testing

When testing web code, getting the content on an internet addressable server is necessary to replicate a live web environment. This has been important at Grand Rounds for testing embedded javascript with cross-site requests.

Using the npm serve package, it only takes a few minutes to set up.

  1. Install the web server:
npm install serve
  1. Edit your host file (/etc/hosts) to include a hostname other than localhost:

Why add a new host name? When your browser connects to a hostname other than localhost, it treats it as an external internet addressable server. This is important for replicating a live environment.

  1. Create a directory containing the pages you want to test:
mkdir Pages
  1. In terminal, go to that directory, and serve it:
cd Pages

If successful, you should see:

serving /Users/Pages on port 3000

  1. In a web browser, open that directory from the server:

In your browser, you should see the directory being served, and be able to view your pages from here in a live environment.

Happy Testing!